Plasma 5.3 wallpaper contest


Today I want to talk about wallpapers and the great community.

hugo kven

Nuno (not Hugo) made the plasma 5.1 wallpaper and kver the wallpaper for plasma 5.2. The wallpapers are great and a good standard setting but in the past there are more than one wallpaper available in plasma. In the kde-wallpapers-4.8.x package there are Air, Ariya, Autumn, Azul, Blue Wood, Castilla Sky, Finally Summer in Germany, Flying Field, Fog on the West Lake, Fresh Moring, Grass, Hanami, Horos and Media Life.

Ariya Autumn castilla_sky horos

The plasma team and the Visual Design Group want to bring a large selection of wallpapers to plasma 5.3 and therefore We need YOU. Why because you are part of the community and my idea was to show the community, for example:

  • Beach from Huawei
  • City of Bangkok
  • Animals from Peru
  • Krita artist wallpaper
  • Konqui in Silicon Valley
  • Children wallpaper for KDE education
  • plasma (physic) animated wallpaper
  • day and night time wallpaper for hackers
  • mountains from austria

I also want to have wallpapers for the weather app but therefore wallpapers for the following weather conditions are necessary:

  • clear
  • partly cloudy
  • cloudy
  • very cloudy
  • showering
  • scattered showers
  • rainy
  • misty
  • storming
  • hailing
  • snowing
  • scattered snow
  • partly cloudy night
  • cloudy night
  • clear night
  • mixed precipition

Basic guidelines:

  • Keep it simple: don’t use too many colours, shapes, etc.
  • Use a single point of focus to draw the eye in
  • Design at a minimum resolution of 2560 x 1600
  • use png for bitmap files (less colours), jpg for photos and svg for vector artist (result in png)
  • Licence: LGPLv3
  • No branding
  • Test the wallpaper with different resolutions and form factors
  • Break all the rules except the resolution and licence one!

Finished wallpapers:

  • If possible upload your finished wallpaper to opendesktop.org
  • post the link to the wallpaper in the blog post comments

Time schedule:

  • 1st April 2015
  • The winning wallpapers will be revealed on 9th April 2015

Thanks for contributing to Plasma.


45 Gedanken zu “Plasma 5.3 wallpaper contest

  1. NoOne schreibt:

    I have to be honest in saying that I never liked any of KDE default wallpaper, butI did find the 5.1 version good, though I really dislike the 5.2 version.

    The problem is that the wallpaper and the breeze suit doesnt match up well. The opaque white with a simplistic and overly colorful wallpaper look ugly, but if we change to the Breeze-dark the problem attenuates as the contrast makes it somewhat interesting.

    IMHO the Breeze-dark should be made default and the Breeze theme should be replaced with a more translucent and much less whitish than it currently is. But since it’s not a theme post but a wallpaper one, making the default darker to better match Breeze would be nice. I think the choices of Fedora and SUSE for their custom default wallpaper is an example to be followed.

    • I can sey it it nice to have a light and dark theme and it is easy to change the theme. In addition megathemes (look&feel package) will make it more easier to have a well suited desktop.
      About the wallpaper. I start the contest because there is only one wallpaper and if someone don’t like it the user should have the oppinion to change to another. So look at your done pictures or start krita and make the KDE world better.

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  6. sigisagi schreibt:
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    • sorry I made yesterday the wallpapers for plasma 5.3 wallpaper package (hope they will be in the beta). can you send me the scalable image from your wallpaper that I can prepare them. you can also submitt them by yourself (I don’t have a dev. account). It would be a pleasure to have your wallpapers in the package.


  8. kilfinge schreibt:
  9. So I also have to look at some nice wallpaper pictures hope you like them

    All together (two pages!)

    House in the Forest

    Forest walk

    Fog in the Forest (for weather wallpaper)


    Swan kids

    Winter in Vienna


    White Flowers







    Great white Heron



    Blue Flower

  10. The contest is a complete success. Since now we have 66 wallpapers. Thats great and you have more than one week to send additional wallpapers.

    to move the wallpapers to opendesktop.org is realy great, because plasma can’t offer all wallpapers BUT when the wallpapers are uploaded at opendesktop.org each user can use it and YOU can rate also your best wallpapers so the plasma and VDG members know what the community think.

    So search your hard disk or go to vacation to find nice wallpapers upload them to opendesktop.org and leve the link here.

    To have an overview for all contest wallpapers I move them the our owncloud share:

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