fresh breeze for LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a great OpenSource project. They have a Design Group and help you a lot if you’d like to do something for LibreOffice. Now LibreOffice prepare the new release LibreOffice 5.0 and for this release I’d like to be finished the LibreOffice Breeze icon set. Uri and I work since last November on the icon set so you also have a package available in your repository. Now I’d like to post that we are nearly finished. 98 % (2.700 icons) of the icon set is done, so it is ready for your review. As the monochrome LibreOffice icon set Sifr is less finished than Breeze, I though the fallback icon set for Sifr is Breeze.

writer1We have the LibreOffice git repository for the finished icons as png file and the breeze github repository as working repository with the original svg files. There you also found an script to generate a libreoffice breeze and breeze dark icon set. So if you are a fan of breeze dark take a look.

If you’d like to test the new icon set use the script from the repository or download the LibreOffice daily build for your operation system. Recommandation please in the comments or the breeze repository.

I have to thanks for all people how make icons, review, recommandations, help me with git, ….



18 Gedanken zu “fresh breeze for LibreOffice

  1. Janet schreibt:

    Can you please make the „big“ icons as big as the Galaxy icons are? For the non-eagle-eyed people…

    • in future LO will have 32x32px icon size to. the big (26x26px) icons have the same size than the other breeze icons for kde. so the overall style is the same. But as I wrote LO will also support in future „XL“ icons.

      • Janet schreibt:

        Hope that future will be soon, it’s long overdue. What you call „XL“ is „S“ for me ;). All my „small“ icons and toolbars are set to 32×32 as a minimum size :). The icon sizes for me start with „extremely tiny, too tiny to recognize or click reliably“ (16) , „not so small but still hard to recognize or click“ (22), small but ok (32), medium (48), large (64), above that XL ;).

        Alas the Breeze icons are smaller than other icons, because they don’t use the possible space to the edges of the icon area, so 32×32 icons IMHO look like 26×26 icons, etc. – and the action icons have a very tiny outline which makes them double hard to see.

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  3. Federico schreibt:

    Hi, do you know how to put libreoffice with breeze light when you are using breeze dark theme? i tray changing the shortcut entry (eg: env GTK_THEME=Adwaita:light libreoffice –writer“) for gnome and it works fine, but i dont can do it with kde…. thanks and sorry for my english, i am spanish speaker…. i working on that…… :)

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