fresh breeze or a thunderstorm?


I made my first pull request on kde *happy* and my first work was update the breeze icon set. Now what was happen the last time at the breeze icon set?

Breeze icons for the following KDE/Plasma apps

  • Kdenlive
  • ktorrent
  • Kmouth

Breeze icons for GTK apps

  • firefox

Breeze icons for other apps

so hope the distributions will update there repositories and you will get an up to date fresh breeze. With the work of the last months we also fix some bucks like the rating icons in amarok and baloo.

gtkBut why should this be a thunderstorm?

Most of my night I make LibreOffice breeze icons and now Breeze is one of the completest icon set in LibreOffice, only Galaxy the root icon set is more complete but I don’t know where the „missing“ icons will be used so if you find some missing breeze icons in LibreOffice let me know.

In addition to this Breeze will be released with the new LibreOffice 5.0 in July and maybe it will be the standard icon set for LibreOffice on Mac OSX. It it the fallback for Sifr the first monochrome icon set in LibreOffice, so the change that you see breeze outside of KDE/Plasma will be really high.


Missing Apps

I know the next weeks/months a lot of applications will be ported to KF5. If you’d like to offer Breeze icons please ask on https://github.com/NitruxSA/plasma-next-icons we now have an good solution between standard icons and app specific icons and hope we can offer an Breeze and Breeze-Dark experience as you wish.

Contributors are always welcome. There is a lot of stuff to do, so feel free to make a pull request.


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