call for plasma 5.5 wallpaper contributions

Hi Plasma fans,

In three weeks the Plasma 5.5 freezes. So, time for a wallpaper contest call for new plasma 5.5 contribution wallpapers. Most people love the default plasma wallpapers from Ken Vermette, but there are still some users how want to have more than one wallpaper available in plasma.

For Plasma 5.3 I started a wallpaper contest and we got a really good response from the community. But most distros don’t ship the plasma-workspace-wallpapers package (19 wallpapers and 25 mb to download) where the additional plasma wallpapers are included. So if you want to see our awesome additional plasma wallpapers, fill a bug report at your distro bug tracker.

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

But now I would love to see new and additional wallpapers. A must have would be a Konqui wallpaper, cool wallpapers from our krita users (love the interviews), stuff from the digikam users (never saw better splash screens that at digikam). Of course, we have an awesome community so spam me with your wallpaper suggestions.

Basic guidelines:

  • Keep it simple: don’t use too many colours, shapes, etc.
  • Use a single point of focus to draw the eye in.
  • Design at a minimum resolution of 2560 x 1600.
  • use png for bitmap files (less colours), jpg for photos and svg for vector artist (result in png).
  • Licence: LGPLv3.
  • No branding.
  • Test the wallpaper with different resolutions and form factors.
  • Break all the rules except the resolution and licence one!

Finished wallpapers:

  • If possible upload your finished wallpaper to opendesktop.org.
  • post the link to the wallpaper in the blog post comments.

Time schedule:

  • deadline 11.11.2015.

which wallpaper will ship with plasma 5.5

  • I will make an rating webpage and the best rated wallpapers are in 5.5 the other wallpapers are available via GHNS.