Call for new Plasma wallpapers contribution

We’re all excited for the new release of Plasma coming in less than a month and we at the Visual Design Group want to make it more exciting for our users too.

Every other release we try to change the extra wallpapers that we’re shipping with Plasma to our users and now it’s time the refresh the collection again.

And this is where you can shine! We’re looking for 10 high-quality new wallpapers that will get released with Plasma and will stay as the main wallpapers collection for the next 6 months.

Submit your best photos, multiple ones allowed, the Visual Design Group will go over them and select the top 10 that will be eternally part of the KDE history.

We can’t offer any prizes, but we can at least put your names up front, publicaly thanking you for your contribution in the official Plasma 5.5 release announcement.

This is also a unique opportunity to get your artwork to millions of users worldwide and help the free software world too. Think of it this way – who can put „had my artwork installed on millions of computers all around the world“ into their resumes? 😉

All you have to do is submit a link to your photo below. Then the Visual Design Group will collect all the links on 11th November and we’ll start an internal battle over which ones to select. You can find the rules and the first awesome wallpapers at the previous post.

Share it with your artistic friends and family and random people and let them know of this opportunity.


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