Breeze, Oxygen and Framework

I do Plasma and KDE related stuff since one year and this year was awesome as you can read in my blog posts. Today I want to talk about the future. For the near future I have to work on finalizing my tasks for the plasma 5.5 release. But what should I do next?

The answer is easy a few months ago I ask to work on oxygen and do there some maintenance stuff, I get the positive feedback from Nuno to go for it and since yesterday I’m the new maintainer for oxygen-icons5. In Plasma 5 the user can decide which icon set the applications should use and so my goal is that plasma can support three icon sets by one single click. The future will show if we can reach this goal. In breeze I have Uri as an wonderful artist and mentor. If someone will help me with oxygen icons, …

The most exciting news are breeze-icons and oxygen-icons5 moved to frameworks. So our icon updates will come once a month to you.

Thank you Uri Herrera that I get so much help from you.


3 Gedanken zu “Breeze, Oxygen and Framework

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  2. Nona schreibt:

    Thanks a lot – the Oxygen icons are IMHO (KDE Frameworks 5.9.0) way more beautiful and usable – some people actually make good use of color in icons! – than the Breeze ones. Don’t know why usability (and beauty, but that’s subjective) had to be sacrificed just to follow the flat icon trend …

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