Plasma and VDG Sprint at Cern


as you already read the CERN Sprint was awesome. It was the first VDG sprint where 7 VDG members are there. So we had a lot of tasks and I bet you will read additional stories about that or at least you will find some of our work in plasma, the webpage or at the W2L.


My tasks for the sprint were Widgets. How is the state about resizing and looking on the panel and the desktop. I review all existing widgets and add there some (hopefully not to much) bugs on bugs.kde.org. In addition we discuss to make something like VDG or Plasma approved thing, so that the user know oh this plasmoid was reviewed by the plasma team and the VDG. This should also work for the awesome widgets from opendesktop.org.

In additions to widgets we talk about sidebars and how we can guarantie that the layouts don’t look cluttered. Therefore we add an task Usability and Design Ideas for Sidebar plasmoids at the VDG forum.

System Settings

My next task was about the existing system setting modules. I review the visual system setting modules and search for developers to make the different modules more powerfull than now. We already have guidelines how they should look like and how they should reach our goal „Simple by default, powerfull when needed“. For the plasma theme KCM we already had a new designed module. It was done by David Rosca. The plasma theme is a live preview of the theme so it will work also for themes from opendesktop.org. I will continious work to make design examples for all KCM’s and hope I will find an developer for the work. So if you think the system settings need an update join us and let me know.



As always I make some icon stuff. In general the VDG define that each member of the VDG will be response to an specific task. So if you have some icon questions contact me by open an bug open an thread at the forum or leave an message at my blog. To show you that I would like to do the KCM stuff myself (it leak on my dev skills) I work on the Desktop Effect KCM where I’d prepare some icons for the different desktop effects (the idea is that they are animated when you hover the icon). Show animation effects are not that easy so if you would like to test your skills check if the icons are well done (and if not leave a message).


In addition to the 3 main toppics there are a lot of discussion. It was awesome to join the sprint thanks for all the KDE supporters to make the sprint possible

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