widget optimization in plasma 5.7

Hi, did you knwo what the VDG did in the Plasma 5.7 release circle?

Check all default widgets about there layout and sizing. So start playing with widgets and say us what we did right and what we should fix.

Screenshots are very welcome here is one from my sidebar layout


do you see the differences between plasma 5.6 and 5.7? Sidebar wasn’t possible with the most plasmoids cause the minimum width was to big. the labels of the hardware graphs changed, …


9 Gedanken zu “widget optimization in plasma 5.7

  1. J Janz schreibt:

    I digged that systray and its icons got slim with their margins and now I could get them to take more vertical space in the panel, which I set to the minimum height.

    I wish all widgets could get the same, so that K icon in kickoff and, way specially, the ones in taskbar-icons-only could be bigger there (or, also, perhaps I could make panel smaller with fonts set to 144dpi).

    • J Janz schreibt:

      Also, have the option for not grouping windows (then display the entries beside the one they’d group to)! 👍

      • Oleg schreibt:

        I know. Simply navigate and run an application when the application icon is displayed (Angry Birds or Curse Client (Curse.com)). I think it’s easier.

      • J Janz schreibt:

        Sorry, I in fact messed up a bit by making this an answer to that Google Apps related question (it just reminded me of this missing option I mentioned ‚cause – at least I guess – they share some roots: grouping Chrome windows).

        But I meant that I miss not grouping windows at all with icons-only taskbar, for any application, not just Chrome’s.

        As this taskbar (mine, at least) is hardly fully filled, I wanted to be able to reach any subwindow (of any class) by the one click, as we’re able with regular taskbar.

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