System Settings help needed

First of all I need help, but before you help me I’d like to show you what a user without development skills can do to make plasma better.

I already post about the system settings redesign and cause developer are busy with other tasks, I reviewed the existing modules and update them to fit (more) our vision. I know it’s not how I would prefere in the end but I did the changes without development skills (no compiling, no new code). I use qt-creator for edit the ui files and play around with qml.

The Mouse cursor theme was updated, by move the buttons to bottom as in most other kcm’s. The height of the resolution depandant button will be change soon. (left plasma 5.7 right 5.8)

03 cursor theme 03 cursor theme

Color scheme: Preview on top and buttons on bottom. I’d like to remove the tabs and add an edit button where the tabs will pop up. Therefore I need an developer.

05 color theme 05 color theme

Emoticon theme: same here rearrange buttons. In general I’m not sure that it is a good idea to have the posibility to add a new theme in the kcm cause start from an existing one and config the xml file would be easier.

07 emoticons 07 emoticons

I did also some other changes, but I’d like to show you that you can change something without development skills so join the game.

If you have dev skills and be interested in some work on system settings, contact me you can increase the user experience.


10 Gedanken zu “System Settings help needed

  1. Great work!

    I guess I’ve missed the review for these, so I’m asking this question here. I hope you will not mind.

    Can you please explain in a few words why the colour scheme preview didn’t end up on the right side like the preview for emoticons is? The colour scheme titles are much shorter than even half a window. With the current layout, there is a huge blank space in the dialogue.


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  3. richard schreibt:

    Hmm, … Sorry, but I dislike the direction these updates went.

    Computer screens have been in the past wider than the height and becoming even more wider. This should also be reflected / respected by the GUI (see LibreOffice or Calligra for good examples).

    However you are cramming even more stuff on the vertical, instead of putting it side by side on the horizontal. IMHO the 3 column layout (tabs, content, options), was / is a very suitable layout. For example in the color scheme KCM, everything scheme related was closely together. In you new mockup the scheme related options are teared apart.


    • Thanks for the feedback.

      While I start the redesign and saw the KCM’s in action I also reflected that it is in some kcm’s usefull to have a column based approach. But in this example the user select a setting and that’s it. therefore you don’t need 3 column.

      For keyboard shortcuts e.g. we have a column bales approach. first column the old drop down menu and second column the shortcuts. So you will see also column based layouts when it’s needed.

  4. Janet schreibt:

    To be true I’d prefer the design with the buttons at the side, it looks better and is better to handle on widescreen. IMHO the modules with bottom buttons should vice-versa switch to side buttons. That would not cause unneccessary unused space vertically. Looks cleaner and kind of self-contained. And IMHO side buttons would also be better for languages which tend to „narrate“ on buttons ;).

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