boot 25 % faster

My machine isn’t that fast, but I can improve the boot time for the plasma desktop up to 25%.

How, it’s simple turn of ksplash.

from plymouth to ksplash to the plasma desktop (movie)

 8 sec plymouth (linux boot time) 
11 sec ksplash 
4 sec desktop is finished
23 sec (1/3 for linux 2/3 for plasma)

from plymouth to the plasma desktop (movie)

8 sec plymouth (linux boot time) 
11 sec desktop is finished 
19 sec (42% for linux 58% for plasma)

So with ksplash the computer need 15 sec to start plasma without it need 11 sec (-27 %) but the god thing is that it looks even faster cause I see plasma instantly after the login and as you can see in the lined movies the desktop flickering is also visible with ksplash. To be honest I like the deskop flickering, cause I see how plasma work.


8 Gedanken zu “boot 25 % faster

  1. Fabse schreibt:

    also install (and systemctl enable) preload and xcompcache


    if [ ! ${XDG_CACHE_HOME} ]; then {

    export XCOMPOSECACHE=“${XDG_CACHE_HOME}/xcompose“

    this will make it another time faster.
    you can also uninstall plymouth and in case of systemd use this as mount options for all your partitions in fstab:
    (it will mount partitions on first access).

    all those little things to boot up faster.
    And thank you for this blog post (: i’ll test it!

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