Rainbow Folders

Breeze Icons follow the colorscheme that’s not new but now the folder icons also follow the color scheme.

That’s how it look like with the breeze color scheme


as you can see there is no difference between the old and new folder icons but if you play with different color schemes in the color setting, …


you see there openSUSE, Manjaro, Krita, Ubuntu, Elementary, Arch Dark and any other style you would design by yourself. So don’t stop playing with your plasma desktop, it’s designed for your flavor.


19 Gedanken zu “Rainbow Folders

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    • you need plasma 5.7.9 and breeze-icons from master (it’s not included in the kf 5.25 release cause I need some feedback). I test it with kde-neon-dev-unstable

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  3. Janet schreibt:

    It’s cool – but I really hope there will be an option to disable that or second „classic“ or „blue“ theme that keeps the folder color no matter which colortheme you choose!

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  5. João schreibt:

    Hi again.

    i’m now using the pack from the KDE’s „Get New Hot Stuff“ store, however i found 2 problems:

    1- Normal folders don’t get their color changed
    2- Either with color #029700 or with color #669900 i can’t see the special folders draw (e.g.: Video’s folder, Picture’s folder, music folder, etc). It get’s mostly „fused“ with the background color (and i wonder if i set the folders to #000000 if this draws will get White…….)


    (i’m reporting this here because i suspect i didn’t set the last bug in the right place…)

  6. João schreibt:

    I suppose you’ve updated the package because it’s working ok, now 🙂


    Still have a question (out of curiosity) however: Why doesn’t the icons on the task bar and on – for example – the dialog box when where we select a file to upload, not changed to the new color as well?

    (I understand that it’s a KDE limitation, but would like to know more about it)


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