Breeze icons got gnome support

I forget to blog that the breeze icon set get full gnome support. You can test it with the upcomming plasma 5.8 release. Don`t forget to test the beta and fill bug report.

95% of the awesome gnome icon set adwaita are available in breeze. The missing ones I didn`t know where they were used or they are needed only in a gnome session.

Plasma open for 3rd party apps to support the best experience for the user.


8 Gedanken zu “Breeze icons got gnome support

  1. Filipe Saraiva schreibt:

    Wow thank you man, it is a great news!
    Do you know if will be possible to use Thunderbird with this icon set?
    Cheers and thank you again!

  2. Nice news, but will it work well on the other GTK and GTK+ desktop environments? And where do I get these icons from? Should I wait until the release of KDE 5.8?

    • I add the icons which were needed for gtk and gnome apps. the icons e.g. from the gnome system setting aren’t included cause for me gnome support mean I support gnome apps not breeze will be available for other DE’s.

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