Your most wanted icon set for KDE


I did a lot of work for breeze icons and l think it fits the kde desktop, gnome core and libreoffice very well.

But kde mean community, customization, open for 3rd party. So I would like to help icon designers to ship there icon sets for kde or libreoffice. I don’t want to start a new icon set. I’d like to help open source designers to ship there awesome work for kde.

Are you an icon designer and need help? Are you a user and want to have a better integration of your favorite icon set? Are you an app developer and your app wasn’t supported with breeze icons.

Leave a comment, for a better open source experience.


15 Gedanken zu “Your most wanted icon set for KDE

  1. I always have a suggestion that I don’t know how to share with KDE desing group, and will share here:

    I would like (and I think that it’s very useful) It’s to have a different icon for Dolphin as root. Maybe an icon with a different color or something like that.

    I always make an alternative Dolphin for root user changing the blue color for one icon in red, as you can see here:

    I made this in Antu, but I make the same in Breeze in my Laptop. I would like to have this „by default“.

    Well my 2cnts 🙂

    Keep on rockin‘ !!

  2. I can highly recommend the Papirus/Arc Dark icons for a dark desktop. They aren’t so flashy/bright/colourful but are still standing out. Hard to describe – for a professional like you it will be easy to see when you check them out 😉

  3. Flyos schreibt:

    Don’t know if this belongs to the scope of what is asked, but I’d love to see icons for some extra mimetypes in Breeze. I’m personnally missing R script files (text/r, text/x-r-source, text/x-r-*) and awk scripts (applications/awk, which had an icon in Oxygen), but I think more can be cited just by looking at „text“ mimetypes (vcard, fortran… many are missing icons).

    I’m not sure if Breeze is intended to be that thorough though…

    • We always work on a unique experience, and we are happy to have more than 1.000 mimetype icons included.
      If you miss some fill a bug report and add there one example file that we can check if the mime work.
      So yes it’s the right place

      • Flyos schreibt:

        I see. I’ll report those requests on bugs.kde.org then. I suppose one bug for each mimetype is easier for you guys to work with?

  4. Filipe Saraiva schreibt:

    I would love see a Breeze theme for Thunderbird, currently it is the only application breaking the „design standard“ in my Plasma.

  5. GreatEmerald schreibt:

    I’m using Oxygen icons, in my opinion it’s already perfect. Integration with Plasma was wonky at first, but has improved a good deal over the last few releases. I did find some bugs still (plasma-nm), filed them, and they are about fixed now. So good job with that!

  6. I wrote a previous comment but I don’t see it published. Maybe I haven’t cliked the button.

    I few words. There are already some bugs with a lot of icone requests in kde bugs page.

    The visual design group should keep a closer look at kde bugs, there’s plenty of work to be done there for who is willing to do it. (Not just on the breeze component)

    • Hi, I was thinking on a blog post that uers should fill more bug reports cause I prefer to fix bugs. In general I don’t think that every app need an breeze app icon. In general breeze should have app icons for the kde applications for other application I don’t think it’s bad to have the icon from the app developers.

      • Don’t mistake me. I was not criticizing your post.

        In any case the recent trend seems to provide breeze icone for many non-KDE applications. And that seems what your post is about also. You are asking user if they want better integration of some apps, and indeed in those bug report users are asking for this.

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