new Icons for KDE

Ok the icon set’s are not new, but they were started as gnome icon set’s and now they fit’s perfect the KDE desktop. So give this two awesome icon set’s a try

both icon set’s are available with system settings -> Icons -> Get new Theme. The icon sets are well maintained and the designers are very welcome in help and KDE support. Thanks a lot. Don’t forget to vote in the store.

la-capitaine-2 papirus-2

I know breeze icon awesome but we have users with different taste so eat what you like not what you get. If somebody know an awesome icon theme and need kde support, let me know, I’m always happy if I can help. For the not monochrome icon theme fans I’m working on elementary-kde icon extension and I hope I can review oxygen.

NOTE: breeze-icons are well supported and will be full maintained in the future. I don’t want to drop breeze. I’d like to help other designers to develop for KDE.


10 Gedanken zu “new Icons for KDE

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  3. roberto schreibt:

    sounds interesting, but how do you install them? In kde if you go in system settings->icons->Get New Theme->Install „Papirus“. It seems to install it with no problem. But then? how to you use them? I can’t see any change anywhere.
    In System setting->Icons i can’t see any new theme.
    thank you

      • roberto schreibt:

        i don’t think so. I waited till the sign „busy“ was gone. So i’m pretty sure the download was complete. In fact kde itself tell me the theme is installed. But as i said before i can’t see any trace of it.

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