Elementary LibreOffice


Two months ago I start to finalize the existing Elementary icon theme for LibreOffice. It’s about 2.000 icons and now they are available in LibreOffice 6.0 beta. In addition all icons are available as svg file so it can be used and edit in an easy way.

Please download and test LibreOffice 6.0 beta to give feedback. You switch the icon theme with Tools -> Options -> View -> Icon Style. We talk about a lot icons not all are perfect. Feedback is always welcome.

Test LibreOffice 6.0 beta

Mary Christmas and an shiny new year with LibreOffice 6.0.




10 Gedanken zu “Elementary LibreOffice

  1. c@nt schreibt:

    This looks nice in the image, but is this only for Elementary or for Ubuntu and Fedora etc. as well? If it is crossdistro, will it be the default icon set for v6? I hope so as it could sorely need a refreshing like this, the current one looks old and way too similar to MS Office. Keep up the good work! 😀

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