LibreOffice Tabbed Toolbar Compact

The Notebookbar implementation Tabbed Compact is finished and can be tested. Download LibreOffice Master for

Configure Notebookbar:

  • Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Enable experimental features
  • View -> Toolbar Layout -> Notebookbar
  • View -> Notebookbar -> Tabbed Compact

And this is how it will look like

The idea of the Toolbar is that you get all actions grouped in different tabs. The benefit is that there is enough space for most actions from LibreOffice and you can show action icons and labels. In addition the UI is sizable.

Download and test it.


3 Gedanken zu “LibreOffice Tabbed Toolbar Compact

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  2. As I made the movie on windows 7 I get the feedback the UI look oldscool. LibreOffice follow the desktop theme. As win 7 isn’t new it’s true it look a bit oldscool, cause the OS is some years old. So it would be awesome to post screenshot from your desktop (win 10, gnome, kde, xfce, i3, BSD, OS-X, …)

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