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Two months ago I start to finalize the existing Elementary icon theme for LibreOffice. It’s about 2.000 icons and now they are available in LibreOffice 6.0 beta. In addition all icons are available as svg file so it can be used and edit in an easy way.

Please download and test LibreOffice 6.0 beta to give feedback. You switch the icon theme with Tools -> Options -> View -> Icon Style. We talk about a lot icons not all are perfect. Feedback is always welcome.

Test LibreOffice 6.0 beta

Mary Christmas and an shiny new year with LibreOffice 6.0.




12 Gedanken zu “Elementary LibreOffice

  1. c@nt schreibt:

    This looks nice in the image, but is this only for Elementary or for Ubuntu and Fedora etc. as well? If it is crossdistro, will it be the default icon set for v6? I hope so as it could sorely need a refreshing like this, the current one looks old and way too similar to MS Office. Keep up the good work! 😀

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  5. J22 schreibt:

    Hi, I love your icons and use them in my LibreOffice.

    But there are a couple of things I suggest to polish. These are related to two functions I use a lot: „Track changes“ (in particular when „Record“ option is active) and some icons to set the functionality of the sidebar deck.

    Track changes: the buttons to review the changes include a big, green tick mark, then the button for „reject track change” is a document with a red cross, while the next button is a document with a green tick mark. Thus, one should immediately understand that either a) the document with a red cross should be “reject all changes in document” and the document with green tick mark should be “accept all changes in document”, or b) both buttons are just to reject or accept the currently selected change, right? However, both buttons are for very different purposes: the document + red cross is to reject the currently selected change, while the document+green tick mark is to “Manage track changes” (ie opens a window to review all changes, deletions, addenda). So in my opinion it is a little confusing and they don’t convey the meaning in a clear way. There should be 5 icons: two icons which look similar (except for the red cross and green tick mark) to reject or accept the change, then another pair which look similar (except for the red cross and green tick mark) to reject or accept ALL changes in document. And a 5th icon to review each change in a separate window (this is currently the icon with a document and a green tick mark). So as it is now one can argue that the visual meaning is misleading.

    As a side not, the tooltip help of these buttons should not be “Reject track change” or “Accept track change” because the user doesn’t want to reject/accept the functionality of tracking changes she/he wants to reject/accept the change itself.

    The second thing I suggest to improve is the icon to activate the Navigator. In other icon set (don’t remember which one, I switched immediately to Elementary) Navigator is a compass. It makes sense. But in Elementary it is a kind of check list with a pencil.. not much sense in my opinion.

    Third, and maybe less important, also refering to the side deck: I suggest to switch the icons for “Styles and formatting” and “Page”. The “Styles and formatting” is a page with a ruler, which is more appropriated for “Page” because there (ni Page) you set the page size, etc., while the icon for “Page” is a blank page. If nothing better is available for “Styles and formatting” I would leave a blank page, at least not to confuse with measurements (which are set in the Page menu, not here).

    Thanks a lot for your hard work!

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