Wallpaper Contribution for Plasma 5.5

You guys are awesome. Thanks for contribution.

RJ Quiralta with Autumn


 Martin Klapetek with Fallen Leaf


Timothée Giet with Flying Konqui


Dmitri Popov with Colorful Cups

Colorful cups. Aarhus, Denmark. SONY NEX-3N, SONY E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ OSS SELP1650. Processed in digiKam with 01 preset.

Maciej Wiklo with by the water
By the waterAnd last but not least Risto S with A Path, Cold Ripple, Darkest Hour, Kite, One Stands Out and Summer


Cold Ripple






22 Gedanken zu “Wallpaper Contribution for Plasma 5.5

  1. tom troudecu schreibt:

    they are gorgeous but its kind of strange to see wallpapers when Plasma 5 has that nasty regression which doesnt allow users to have different wallpapers and widgets on the virtual desktops (I have already 4 wallpapers picked out here that Id use if I ever install the new buggy KDE).
    thats why its weird talking about how nice wallpapers look when most people I know will not switch to the new Plasma 5 specifically because KDE devs didnt fix the wallpaper regression nor do they plan to. considering that this is a very important workflow issue and a very distinct visual look of KDE its only made worse by the fact that this problem happened also when we went to KDE4 about a decade ago and then as in now, the devs tell us that this cant be fixed and that we dont need this option.

    so were gonna have to wait a few more months until people complain some more and they get around to fixing this. just like they did last time.
    THEN we will enjoy these wallpapers…. on each of our virtual desktops the way KDE has been doing since the KDE3 days.

    if you like wallpapers, let the devs know.

    • as fare as I know you have switch from virtual desktops to activities. In long time it would be the better solution (my mind). In addition I can’t give you that feature but I can coordinate an wallpaper contest. So sorry.

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